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“The Effective Service Manager” programme was devised in 1991 to address the growing demands for specialised training and development within the Service Industry. Since which time, it has been constantly refined and has proved to be tremendously successful in helping new managers and those wanting to step up into management. Making the transition from service engineer to service manager is fraught with challenges; this programme is designed specifically to help make that transition as smooth as possible. Its modular format gives the delegates` time to assimilate new knowledge and skills and the opportunity to implement action plans in between each module. In addition, each delegate will have access to 1 to 1 individual telephone coaching should it be required.

"If our country is to survive and prosper, it can only do so by utilising to the full the latent abilities and talents of all our people, and it is the task of the managers to make that happen"

Sir John Harvey Jones

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    "“I attended the training course for Service Managers and it was the best course I have been on and Brian really helped me adapt into my new role as Service Manager."

    Tina Dunn - Commercial Service Manager of EMC Computer Systems

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The Effective Service Manager Course:


MODULE 1 : 10th -- 12th February 2015

MODULE 2 : 17th -- 19th March 2015

MODULE 3 : 21st -- 23rd April 2015




THE ROLE OF THE MANAGER : What is the manager`s function? The key skills needed for effective management

THE MANAGER AS A MOTIVATOR : - What is motivation? - The theory and practice - Strategies for improvement - Motivation questionnaire

MANAGEMENT STYLES: - Open vs. closed - Strengths and weaknesses - Matching the style to the team

TEAM BUILDING: - How can we do this? - 9 Strategies for effective team building - Dealing with conflict - Characteristics of top teams

INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELLING + COACHING: - What is it? - Developing the skills - How and when to use it - A coaching log

ACTION PLAN: Each delegate will set tasks to be implemented and monitored before module 2



PREPARING THE COUNSELLING/COACHING SESSION: - The G.R.O.W. Model - How to run an effective session - The 5 Ds of counselling - Potential problems

PEAK PERFORMANCE THROUGH GOAL SETTING: - Setting S.M.A.R.T goals - Why people don`t set goals - Overcoming limitations - Why traditional goal setting doesn`t work - “The steps to success”

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: - What is it and why is it important? - E.Q. vs. I.Q. - Why we lose customers - The hard case for soft skills - E.Q. personal assessment

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: - The stages - The obstacles - Overcoming the “blocks” - Listening and perception - Body language - Developing rapport

GIVING FEEDBACK: - Giving criticism constructively - Some rules - Stimulate through praise and recognition

ACTION PLAN Each delegate will set tasks to be implemented and monitored before module 3



TIME MANAGEMENT: - A personal time log - How do we use our time? - The “Time Stealers” - Making better use of our time - Stress and time management

MEETINGS: - Types of meetings - Running effective meetings - Handling the “characters” - How to plan effective meetings

DELEGATION: - Delegation analysis - The “why” and “how” of delegation - 6 steps to better delegation

DISCIPLINARY SITUATIONS: - How to run them - Preparation - Pitfalls to avoid - Checklist

TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS: - What is it? - How did it develop? - Using T.A. as a tool to enhance our communication skills

INTERVIEWING AND INDUCTION: - The key skills - How to run them effectively - Induction checklist

ACTION PLAN Each delegate will prepare a final set of tasks to be implemented following module 3

“I've been fortunate to personally attend training with Brian and have subsequently sent my own management teams to 'The Effective Service Manager' training programme. For those new to a management role, the programme provides a practical and engaging introduction. Through varying sessions, delegates develop a good baseline of skills to deal with real, everyday issues of people management and an understanding of how to build and sustain a motivated team”

John Billington, General Manager, Johnson Controls


Imagine if just by booking onto "The Effective Service Manager" programme, you enabled 50 people in Malawi to have fresh, clean water for a month? You also sponsored 40 underprivileged children in India to have a day`s education? And this all happened because of your participation. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


  • "I strongly recommend any company to invest in training their management team, and by using Brian, you will guarantee future success in your results”
    - David Birtwistle - Divisional Operations Director of Chubb Fire and Security
  • “I can honestly say that Brian's Courses changed my life both on a professional level and personal level. His relaxed and friendly approach to the way in which the subject matter is presented is nothing short of outstanding”.
    - Darren Stewart - Regional Operations Manager
  • “If the only cash you ever spend on your development, or that of others, is Brian’s “Effective Service Manager” do it! You won’t regret it and it is the best value money can buy.After these few sessions, you will see yourself differently; you will demand more from yourself – and get it, but most importantly, you will be more effective.
    - Angela Melling – Service Manager, Cable and Wireless

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